• Genuine 23-karat Gold & Pure Silver
  • Herkimer Diamond Quartz Crystals
  • Super-Premium Glossy Resin
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We handcraft super-premium and luxury orgonite (orgone energy) jewelry, accessories, and home decor. Our mission is to supply you with premium quality orgone energy products provide you with a daily boost of positive energy, heal, and protect against EMFs and 5G. We have spent the last ten years tracking down the best suppliers and materials to ensure we do justice to our designs. We believe that the higher quality of the materials, the more beneficial they are, both spiritually and energetically. Our signature orgonite blend consists of 23-karat gold, pure silver, genuine Herkimer Diamond quartz crystals, and premium resin. Our orgonites are lightweight and ideal for everyday wear and heavy use. And we always stay true to the authentic orgonite recipe, where they mix equal parts of metals and resin. We’re proud to have the most extensive Orgonite Collection online. Mix, match, and glow!

Luxury Orgonite Crystals With Gold Silver Herkimer Diamond Quartz Crystals Handmade For Healing Protectiion
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Our Orgone Energy Products Glow Beautiful Healing & Protective Energies


We've partnered with a gifted and reputable psychic who's been gifted with the ability to perceive the energy realm. After years of testing, we developed our signature orgonite blend that produces beautiful energies.

Our products work exceptionally well protecting against unbalanced energies. They produce energies that will easily integrate with your energy body. And with time, they will finely attune with your subtle energy needs. These energies stimulate strongly the Solar Plexus and the Heart chakras, and also the higher chakras. And nurture self-love, acceptance, inner harmony, clarity, and intuition.

Our orgonites glow energies in vivid green, turquoise, violet, blue and yellow, and intensive beaming white rays.

We Use Premium Quality and Luxury Materials that Create High-Vibrational Healing Energies

Herkimer Diamonds

The Herkimer Diamonds are petite, exquisite gems, and the most powerful quartz crystals. They are exceptional amplifiers of spiritual energy. Widely used for healing, meditation, and protection. And Highly Beneficial in activating the crown and third eye chakras.

23-Karat Gold Leaf

Gold promotes vitality and helps attract happiness. It activates the third eye and crown chakras. It also helps to cleanse the physical, emotional, and spiritual energy bodies.

Pure Silver Leaf

Silver is a metal of protection and security. It enhances patience and perseverance, and has a soothing , calming effect. Silver helps to awaken and enhance intuitive and psychic capabilities.

Ultra-Clear Resin

We use premium-quality, high-gloss resin to bind metals and crystals and bring our artwork to life. We love this resin as it gives our products that gorgeous glossy, polished look and solid feel.

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