Shop Luxury Orgonites with Gold, Silver & Herkimer Diamonds.

We’ve got the largest selection of premium orgone energy generators online. Browse OrgoneVibes’ orgone jewelry, accessories, and home decor. And infuse Your Body and Your Home with Vibrant, Healing & Protective Energy Vibes Today!

Explore Orgone Jewelry Collections for Women's

Browse the largest orgonite jewelry selection online. We’ve got hundreds of casual & elegant jewelry items that are ideal for everyday wear. Enjoy several styles for women, men, and children. Expertly handcrafted with gold, silver, and the magnificent Herkimer Diamond quartz crystals.

Explore Men's Orgone Jewelry Collections

Browse the most extensive orgonite jewelry collection for men. We’ve got hundreds of casual & elegant jewelry items that are ideal for everyday wear. Enjoy several styles from necklaces to cufflinks.

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Shop Orgone Energy Accessories

Shop luxury portable orgone generators. Use our orgone pucks for travels, meditation, yoga, and healing sessions. Also, protect yourself from the effects of electromagnetic radiation and 5G with orgone EMF protection shields for smartphones and tablets.

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Buy Orgone Pyramids

Check luxury orgonite pyramids for your home, office, and garden. A fantastic way of infusing your living space with positive energy. And at the same time mitigating harmful effects of the ambient EMF. A must-have. Browse for Giza/Cheops and Nubian/Russian styles. We handmade our pyramids using golden mean proportions.

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Searching for a gift? We've got you covered. We ship our products beautifully packaged for free. They are ready to be handed as gifts. All packaging is made from recycled materials. Because we care ♥

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