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Brown Orgone Cufflinks by OrgoneVibesBrown Orgone Healing Cufflinks by OrgoneVibes
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Blue Orgone Cufflinks by OrgoneVibesBlue Orgone Jewelry Cufflinks by OrgoneVibes
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Green Orgone Cufflinks by OrgoneVibesGreen Orgone Protection Cufflinks by OrgoneVibes
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Violet Orgone Cufflinks with Gold and Silver by OrgoneVibesViolet Orgone Cufflinks for Men by OrgoneVibes
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Shop Luxury Orgonite Cufflinks for Energy Healing & EMF/5G Protection

Our cufflinks produce positive orgone energy (Bio-energy, Life-force, Prana, or Chi). They also protect against negative energies. They can serve you as beneficial energy tools that you can wear! Orgonite cufflinks are fully functional jewels that make perfect gifts for your loved men. Wear them for any formal occasion to bring positive energy vibes with you! Orgone cufflinks blend the properties of energy, healing, and protection cufflinks. They are handmade of the orgonite material—a blend of metals, quartz crystal, and resin. Orgonite continuously produces healing and high-vibrational energies. It also transmutes all forms of negative energies. And it protects against EMF radiation and parasitic psychic forces. Our cufflinks will help you to make a fashion statement. And at the same time, it supports your spiritual wellness.

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What we’re made of?

We fuse metals and crystals to create orgonite for healing and protection. We handcraft our products using the original and authentic Don Croft recipe. Where we mix equal parts of resin and metals. And we take the orgonite creation to another level. We use only luxurious materials. This way, our orgonites produce high-vibrational energies. Our cufflinks are handmade of gold, silver, Herkimer Diamonds, and super-premium resin. Herkimer Diamond quartz crystals are exceptional amplifiers of spiritual energy. They are the most powerful quartz crystals. And they are widely used for healing, meditation, clearing, and EMF protection. And they help activate the crown and third eye chakras. We get our gold and silver directly from Giusto Manetti Battiloro in Florence, Italy. The oldest maker of gold leaves in the world with 15 generations of history. Gold increases vitality and helps attract happiness. It activates the third eye and crown chakras. It also helps to cleanse the physical, emotional, and spiritual energy bodies. And silver is a metal of protection, and security and reflects negativity. Silver helps to awaken and enhance intuitive and psychic capabilities. And finally, to bind metals and crystals together and bring our artwork to life, we use high-gloss resin. It gives our jewelry that gorgeous polished look and solid feel.

The benefits of orgonite cufflinks

  • promote emotional and spiritual wellness,
  • help to release negative emotions,
  • bring in inner peace and more balanced and joyful moods,
  • assist in meditation and healing,
  • mitigate harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation (cellphones, WIFI, etc.),
  • amplify energies and healing power of crystals,
  • provide daily boosts of positive energy.

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