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Shop Luxury Orgonite Earrings for Energy Healing & EMF/5G Protection


Our orgonite earrings are guaranteed to impress with refined elegance and casual simplicity. Expertly handmade of gold, silver, and Herkimer Diamonds, these earrings combine perfectly with other pieces of orgonite jewelry for everyday elegance. A timeless staple, you’ll be sure to wear them again and again. Excellent gifts for an important woman in your life. Orgone earrings are healing, protection, and energy earrings. They are handmade of the orgonite material—a mixture of metals and quartz crystal suspended in resin. Orgonite transmutes negative energies into balanced and high-vibrational energies. It also mitigates the harmful effects of EMF radiation. Our earrings skillfully combine simple and classic designs with beautiful details. Explore several different styles and colors to match your fashion style.

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How to wear orgonite earrings?

You can wear our earrings all the time. Each pair is unique and ready to help you in its powerful energetic ways. By wearing subtle yet beautiful earrings, you can infuse your energy body with life-beneficial orgone energy. They are ideal for those seeking fine functional jewelry accessories with high vibrational crystals and those looking for protection against harmful EMFs. Wear them daily to carry the power of energy and crystals. And to boost your energy levels. Match with our orgonite jewelry bracelets, rings, and necklaces for a stunning energy ensemble.

The benefits of orgonite earrings

  • promote spiritual and emotional wellbeing,
  • help to release negative emotions,
  • bring more balanced and joyful moods,
  • promote inner peace and vitality,
  • assist in meditation, healing, lucid dreaming,
  • shields from adverse effects of the EMFs produced by cellphones, WiFi, etc.
  • help to enjoy sounder sleep and more vivid dreams,
  • provide daily energy boost of positive energy,
  • they can amplify the power of other healing stones.
What sets our orgonite crystal jewelry apart?

We handcraft our orgonite using original and authentic Don Croft recipe. Where we mix equal parts of resin and metals. We use the finest materials—gold, silver, Herkimer Diamonds, and super-premium resin. The higher the quality of the materials, the more spiritually beneficial the orgonite is. For our crystals, we use Herkimer Diamond quartz crystals. These are gorgeous gems that are pretty unique. They are excellent for healing, meditation, clearing, and protecting against electromagnetic radiation. And very beneficial in activating the crown and third eye chakras. We source these little beauties from Herkimer County, New York, USA. Our gold and silver come directly from Giusto Manetti Battiloro in Florence, Italy. The oldest maker of gold leaves in the world with 15 generations of history. Both gold and silver have exceptional healing and protection qualities. Gold promotes vitality and helps attract happiness. It activates the third eye and crown chakras. It also helps to cleanse the physical, emotional, and spiritual energy bodies. And silver is a metal of protection, security, and intuition. It helps to awaken and enhance intuitive and psychic capabilities. And finally, to bind metals and crystals together and bring our artwork to life, we use premium high-gloss resin. We love this resin as it gives our jewelry that gorgeous polished look and solid feel.

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