Yin & Yang Orgone Puck Violet/Blue

This OrgoneVibes one-of-a-kind orgone puck is inspired by the ancient far-east philosophy. Simple, yet striking – this piece skilfully combines simple design with beautiful details. Brilliantly cut Yin & Yang motive in a violet tone sets on a sophisticated blue backdrop. Expertly handcrafted of resin, the 23 karat gold, pure silver, and a Herkimer diamond crystal embeded within. Endlessly versatile, keep it in your pocket, or a bag, or set it on your desk for added everyday EMF protection and positive energy, meditate with it, or oven keep it under your pillow for more vivid dreams! A thoughtful and charming gift idea for a special person in your life.

Approximate size: 44mm base / 13mm height • 1.73 inch base / 0.51 inch height


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