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Orgonite is one of the most important inventions of our times. This magical mixture of resin, metal particles, and a quartz crystal has astonishing effects of the body, mind, and spirit. Learn about the Orgone energy and its properties. Find out about the history of orgonite, its benefits, uses, and the evidence of its working. Discover how orgonite looks in the energy realm. See how easy it is to make your own orgonites and what they can do for you.



Orgonite is a magical mix of resin, metals, and a quartz crystal. This simple yet a uniquely functional material creates a self-driven, self-cleansing, Orgone energy (bio-energy) generator. Orgonite material absorbs the negative energies of electromagnetic pollution and transmutes them within its internal crystalline matrix into positive energy (known as Orgone, Life-force, Chi, Prana energy). Orgonites promote physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. These are powerful EMF protection tools, and uniquely functional spiritual tools that can aid meditation, healing, Reiki, crystal healing, etc.

How Orgonite Works - Ultimate Guide to Orgonite by OrgoneVibes



Wilhelm Reich - Ultimate Guide to Orgonite by OrgoneVibes

Wilhelm Reich source:

Orgonite invention is based on the discoveries of late Wilhelm Reich who in the early 1930s, measured and accumulated the mystical universal life energy proving it is not a metaphorical or hypothetical force. Reich later called it the Orgone Energy. Wilhelm Reich discovered that by alternating layers of organic and inorganic material he was able to attract and store this life-giving energy.

In 1991 Karl Hans Welz created the first orgonite prototype and was the first to call it that. Orgonite derives its name from the Orgone Energy. First orgonite prototype was a suspension of powdered metal particles in the resin.

Then in the beginning of 2000 Don Croft modified Welz’s formulation and used metal shavings, as opposed to metal powders, and added a whole piece of quartz crystal. This is how Don Croft recalls his invention:

“My daughter, Nora, was living with me at the time and was helping me configure my energy devices by watching the subtle energy. When I cast metal shavings in a cup of mixed epoxy it became apparent that this was a ‘step above’ orgone accumulators. When I held the orgonite behind a crystal and directed energy, as we had been doing without orgonite in experiments, the energy was very strong, easily felt by just about anyone.”

After many experiments, it became clear that orgonite is not only able to generate vital energy but also to change practically any type of negative energy into positive energy (Deadly Orgone Radiation into Positive Orgone Radiation).

Welz and Croft are the two Gentlemen that that have taken Wilhelm Reich’s research to new levels.



All cultures and civilizations recognized the presence of the Universal Life Energy and have given it different names to characterize its special properties. In China, it’s called Chi, in Japan – Ki, in India – Prana, Hawaiians call it Mana, in ancient Greece it was referred to as Æther.

Universal life energy (Orgone) is mass free and connects and penetrates the entire physical universe. It radiates from all living and non-living things and flows through all and everything. All materials and things influence the behavior of the Orgone energy, by attracting or repelling it. It is mostly attracted by all living organisms, water and to itself. Other known energies like light, microwaves or radio waves can act as a carrier for the Orgone energy.


Wilhelm Reich discovered that Orgone can be present in two opposing states. The base state of positive and life-nourishing POR (Positive Orgone Radiation); and the harmful and negative state of DOR (Deadly Orgone Radiation). DOR is mainly produced by human technology – electromagnetic radiation (cellphone broadcast towers, smartphones, wireless internet (WiFi), smartmeters, high voltage lines, and even the environmental pollution, or negative human emotions.)



Orgonites are positive Orgone energy generators. Orgonites have many versatile benefits for all living organisms and the environment. Any properly build orgonite device will work continuously without charging or cleansing. Over the nearly past two decades Orgonite has proven that its straightforward composition has an astonishingly wide spectrum of positive effects.

Orgonite Benefits - Orgonite Ultimate Guide by OrgoneVibes


Electromagnetic fields are invisible and inaudible to humans but harmful to all living organisms. Electromagnetic devices produce harmful DOR (Orgone energy in the negative state). Orgonite material mitigates the negative effects of the electromagnetic radiation produced by cell phones, cell towers, wireless internet, home electrical appliances, smart meters, high-voltage lines, etc.

What’s important to remember is that Orgonite doesn’t change the electromagnetic radiation per se, but it changes the underlying negative and harmful life force energy (DOR) of the EMFs into balanced and healthy Orgone energy.


Positive orgone energy influences the body, mind, and spirit. It brings peace, joy, vitality and more balanced and joyful moods. Because of the Orgone’s ubiquitous existence, its presence and workings can be also seen in humans.

Life-force energy governs and emanates from the whole human body, and some parts of the body, such as the eyes, the tip of the head and fingers, are the strongest points of radiation. It extends beyond the physical body, to the subtle energies that activate all human functions, including emotions and thoughts.

Unbalanced energy causes your emotions to become agitated and distressed. Where balanced energy causes your emotions to become smooth and more satisfying. When orgonite is worn on the body, as a pendant, it has a stabilizing and energizing effect on the human bio-energy field (aura).

Orgonite can support meditation and other forms of personal/spiritual development and energy healing. It can help to remove body’s energy blockages, balance chakras (energy centers), strengthen you bio-energy field (aura). Orgonite is also a great tool for recharging and cleansing crystals. Many have also reported that orgonite improves the quality of sleep.


Orgonites can be successfully used to restructure the energies of food and beverages. For this, you need an Orgonite Charging Plate where you place your food on and let it sit for a while. The food will get charged with the positive Orgone energy and taste better and will keep its freshness for much longer.


Simple orgonite mix can also significantly improve your veggies and fruits growth and yield. Plants just like any living organism simply thrive on the positive Orgone Energy. More about it in the Orgonite Experiments & Evidence section of the Guide.


Animals just love being around orgonites. Just like humans birds, fish, bees, and other living creatures depend on positive Orgone energy.


Orgonite distributed in large quantities can balance the local weather, bring more rain, normalize the weather patterns, reduce light storms. Orgonite brings clear blue sky and beautiful and healthy puffy clouds. There’re multiple reports of tremendous positive changes in environmental healing with orgonite.



So you’re wondering where to place your orgonites? Here is a short list:

  • Near your TV, computer, WiFi router, cell phone, smart meter, and other “smart” appliances that produce DOR and beam the EMFs.
  • In the fridge and places like cupboards where you keep your food.
  • Near the main inlets of water, gas, and electricity to your house. Orgonite will help in restructuring their energies.
  • In the bedroom. Keep it near your bed for sounder sleep and more vivid dreams.
  • In the bathroom. Before your bath throw it in the water so it gets charged up with the positive energy.
  • In the garden. Plants simply love Orgone energy and thrive on it. Your veggies and fruits will be healthier, taste better, and grow bigger.
  • In the car. Place your Orgonite in the cabin, and one in the trunk close to the petrol tank. See if you can do more miles per gallon.
  • In the neighborhood – distribute some Orgonites in your local area and see the birds, bees and other wildlife return to your area.



Orgonite is very easy to make! You will only need 3 things that are easily available in shops near you or online. These are resin, metal particles, and quartz crystals.

Orgonite Materials - Orgonite DIY - Orgonite Ultimate Guide by OrgoneVibes

Here’s the list of the orgonite materials:

1. Resin. You can use epoxy or polyester resin that you can easily find in your local shops. You can try to make orgonite of wax or other organic resins like dammar, shellac, or lacquer. But on the long run orgonites made with organic resins are very delicate and the heat and moisture can ruin them easily.
2. Metal particles. For your orgonites you can use aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, alpaca or even silver, gold, and palladium. Use small, medium, and large metal turnings, granulates or metal in leafs. You can also add metal powders like copper, or iron oxides like magnetite and hematite. Find the metals in your local scrap yard or online. A properly build orgonite consists of 50-50 ratio of resin and metals. This means that metals should fill the whole orgonite. Orgonite devices that are not constructed this way are technically speaking not an orgonites.
3. Quartz crystals. Quartz crystal is easily and cheaply available on the internet. Try places like Amazon or eBay. Visit some gemstone fairs where you will for sure get quartz crystals. Double terminated quartz crystals are the best but any will do, even the chips. The looks of the crystals for your orgonite doesn’t really matter as they will be embedded inside your orgonite. Try to get double terminated quartz crystals, however, single terminated or even chips will do great.
4. Additional healing gemstones. These are not a must, but if you wish you can fine tune your orgonite device with additional healing crystals. This way the Orgone energy will be “infused” with the properties of your additional healing stones. Orgonite seems to amplify the metaphysical properties of crystals that are used for its creation.

5. Molds. Try your local supermarket and look for cookies and muffin trays. For the very beginning of your Orgonite adventure, they should be enough. If you’re up for making jewelry, artistic orgonite, or simply if the muffin trays are way too boring for you can try Etsymarketplace for some fancy molds.



If you have all the materials, let’s go and make some orgonites! Depending on the kind of resin most probably you will also need to get some safety gear. Most notably latex gloves and a face mask. Majority of resins available on the market, during the curing (hardening) process, produce toxic fumes and when in contact with skin can cause irritation.

  1. Place metal shavings into the chosen mold.
  2. Add quartz crystal (centrally if possible), and if you want to add some energy vibes add your additional healing gemstones (they can in pieces and crushed).
  3. Pour resin into measuring jug and add the correct amount of catalyst/hardener (see your products specifications/ratio).
  4. Mix resin and hardener for roughly a minute or so (don’t do it too vigorously as you’ll create a lot of air bubbles that later will turn into holes in the finished product).
  5. Pour resin mixture into prepared molds.
  6. Allow the resin to permeate into the metal mix and top up as necessary to achieve a smooth surface below and above any metal protrusions. Use a barbeque wooden stick to prod resin and metal mix to release air bubbles.
  7. Allow setting until the resin has hardened (sunlight and high temperature can speed up the curing process).
  8. Take the orgonite out from the mold. You just made your first Orgonite – The Positive Orgone Energy Generator. Thumbs up!!!
  • Keep your temporary orgonite studio well ventilated.
  • Don’t lean over the curing resin and don’t inhale. These fumes are toxic.
  • Proceed exactly according to the information label on the resin. Note the maximum thickness; the manufacturer hardening time; resin to hardener ratio.
  • Remember that most resins will heat up as they harden. Some will also shrink slightly.



Over the past years, many have experimented with Orgonite. Many have reported that it has improved their physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Orgonite positive workings on the wildlife, plant growth and the local weather have been documented by many people. Below you’ll find a gallery of the evidence what a simple orgonite can do for plants. Images thanks to



Don and Carol Crofts

Don and Carol Crofts

Orgonite Gifting was popularized by Don and Carol Crofts who started distributing orgonites for the purpose of environmental healing and reducing harmful effects of the EMFs, and the Deadly Orgone Radiation. Orgonite Gifting Movement is mainly unorganized and counts thousands of individuals worldwide. Orgonite gifters gift orgonite on the regular basis and do it out of their own pockets. Orgonites are distributed in places saturated with negative Orgone energy (DOR), like cell phone towers, television and radio towers, weather and military radars, high-voltage lines, factories, war sites etc. Although small in size orgonite make these DOR sources go completely defenseless. Effectively changing them into positive energy transmitters. Nearly two decades have shown that a simple orgonite, can really have a positive environmental effect. It was successfully used to balance the local weather, clear the electromagnetic pollution, and even effectively fight the high altitude aerosol spraying. Don Croft runs a Forum dedicated to Orgonite Gifting Reports.



Orgonite TowerBusters, Holy Hand Grenades, Earth Pipes

Orgonite TowerBusters, Holy Hand Grenades, Earth Pipes

There are three kinds of orgonite used for environmental healing: Tower Busters, Holy Hand Grenades, and Earth Pipes. They are usually thrown in bushes, dug into the ground and thrown into water reservoirs. Field orgonites can be made of materials of poor quality. You won’t find here fancy crystals, quality resin, or precious metals as the quality of the ingredients it is not important in this case.

Orgonite Tower Buster (TB)

Its named after its main function of reducing negative EMF energies of cell phone towers. Orgonite Tower Busters are most commonly made in muffin trays and consists of aluminum metal shavings, quartz crystal chips, and polyester resin.

Orgonite Holy Hand Granade (HHG)

Name Holy Hand Grenade comes from the Monty Python. Don Croft originally made these orgonite devices in cone-shaped forms. It is different from the Tower Buster as it contains 5 quartz crystals. One is placed vertically and the other four horizontally. This orgonite is definitely stronger than the Tower Buster. But even a simple Tower Buster, will do its job, even if it’s not artistically perfect.

Orgonite Earth Pipe (EP)

Orgonite Earth Pipe is a copper pipe filled up to around a half with the orgonite material. These amazing Orgone energy devices act like acupuncture needles on Earth.



Orgonite Cloudbuster Chembuster - Ultimate Guide to Orgonite by OrgoneVibes

Orgonite Cloudbuster (Chembuster) Don Croft Style

This Orgonite Guide wouldn’t be complete without the Orgonite Cloudbuster. Orgonite Cloudbuster is based on Wilhelm Reich’s Cloudbuster. But to be fair the only things Orgonite Cloudbuster has to do with the Reich’s Cloudbuster are the tubes.

Reich used his Cloudbuster to manipulate the weather by creating or dispersing clouds, according to the principle that clouds are held by Orgone. Cloudbuster in its design was an amazingly simple device. It was made of a set of empty pipes pointing towards the sky and “grounded” by connection to the water source (river or lake). In 1953 Reich proved its workings by causing rain and ending the drought and saving local farmers’ crops. Reich warned that his Cloudbuster should be handled only by qualified personnel, otherwise it could “drill holes in the sky”, produce long-lasting rains, and even cause tornadoes, and other severe weather conditions.

On the other hand, the Orgonite Cloubuster is safe to operate. Croft named his invention to honor Wilhelm Reich. Croft’s device is built of 6 copper pipes that protrude around six feet from the orgonite base. Inside each tube, there are crystals of quartz. The big orgonite base permanently radiates positive Orgone and copper pipes help to distribute it up many kilometers into the atmosphere. Its main purpose is to balance and harmonize the local weather and the environment. The secondary effect, along with orgonite gifting, is that it helps to dissolve the high altitude aerosol spraying, commonly called chemtrails. This is why often it is referred to as the Chembuster.



Some of our Orgone creations were examined by a reputable energy sensitive professional. He was kind enough to to make some drawings how he perceives the energies of orgonite. Below you can find a gallery with some of his works. Please note that it is somewhat difficult to show the energies on a piece of paper, so the colors and size of Orgone radiation were shown as close as they are in reality.

In 2012 Harry Oldfield published a clip on Youtube showing him filming an orgonite piece with his invention Polycontrast Interference Photography. PIP technology is supposedly showing a real-time, moving image of the energy fields.



Karl Hans Welz owns the trademark “Orgonite”. Registering the term Orgonite created quite a buzz within the Orgonite Community. Some try to cancel the trademark with a Petition Against the Trademark Term “Orgonite”. Many believe that the term Orgonite is generic and shouldn’t receive the trademark status. At the time of writing this article, nearly 2000 people signed the petition on CHANGE.ORG

All copyrights and trademarks are the property of their respective owners. We are not associated or affiliated with the Owner of the ORGONITE trademark.

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