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Shop Luxury Orgonite Pucks for Energy Healing, Energy Cleansing & EMF/5G Protection


Orgonite pucks are one of the best orgone energy healing and protection tools. Their flat shape allows for placing them on the body and the chakras for healing. They emit very harmonious frequencies that help calm and neutralize negative emotions, helping to put your mind at ease so you can focus on the positives in your life. You can carry orgone pucks in your car, carry them with you in your purse or backpack, place them on your nightstand, or even under your pillow for more vivid dreams. They make beautiful and thoughtful gifts. We make our pucks of the orgonite material—a mixture of metals and quartz crystals suspended in resin. This material generates positive orgone energy and neutralizes negative energies. But how does it work? It absorbs unbalanced/negative energies. Then it transmutes them within the internal crystalline matrix. To then radiates out balanced and high-vibrational energies. The piezoelectric effect inside the quartz crystal allows the transmutation of energy. Each puck is a small positive energy generator and a protector against negative energies. They cleanse and purify the energy of their immediate space, filling it with positive and life-beneficial energy. Our pucks are lightweight, making them perfect companions for your daily activities and travels.

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How to use orgonite crystal pucks?

You can incorporate them into your meditation and healing practices like Reiki by placing them on your chakras or anywhere on your body. You can put them in your room to bring more positive energy into your space. You can also use them during your meditation practices by holding them in your hand while meditating. If you practice lucid dreaming, we recommend keeping your puck under the pillow to enjoy more vivid dreams. They are ideal for travel. Put one in your car to take a positive aura for your ride.

What sets our orgone pucks apart?

We handcraft our pucks according to the original and authentic Don Croft recipe. Where we mix equal parts of resin and metals. We use the very best materials to bring our pucks to life. Our signature blend combines the healing and protection qualities of the Herkimer Diamond quartz crystals, silver, and gold.  Herkimer Diamonds are beautiful gems. They are among the most powerful quartz crystals. Herkimers are great amplifiers of spiritual energies and work their magic when used for healing, meditation, clearing, and EMF protection. They are very beneficial in activating the crown and third eye chakras. Gold promotes vitality and helps attract happiness. It also helps to cleanse the physical, emotional, and spiritual energy bodies. It helps activate the third eye and crown chakras. And silver is a metal of protection and security. It helps to awaken and enhance intuitive and psychic capabilities. And lastly, to bind the metals and crystals and bring our artwork to life, we use high-gloss resin. This resin gives our orgone pucks that gorgeous shiny look and solid feel.

The benefits of orgone pucks

Orgone pucks, due to their shape and size, are endlessly versatile. You can carry them with you wherever you go. They also make beautiful gifts.

  • promote emotional and spiritual wellness,
  • their energies support inner peace and vitality,
  • their energies bring in more balanced and joyful moods,
  • help to release negative emotions,
  • can help to assist in meditation, healing sessions, Reiki, lucid dreaming,
  • protects against artificial EMFs produced by phones, TVs, WIFI, etc.
  • protect against parasitic psychic forces like negative emotions, which makes them ideal for bringing into the office with you,
  • enable to enjoy sounder sleep and more vivid dreams,
  • can assist with spiritual growth and development sessions,
  • provide daily boost of positive energy,
  • can recharge and cleanse your favorite gemstones.

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