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Black Round Orgone Shield by OrgoneVibesBlack Round Orgone Shield for Tablets by OrgoneVibes
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Black Diamond Round Orgone EMF Shield by OrgoneVibesBlack Diamond Round Orgone EMF Protection Shield by OrgoneVibes
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Black Triangle Orgone Shield by OrgoneVibesBlack Triangle Orgonite EMF Shield by OrgoneVibes
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Brown Orgone EMF Shield by OrgoneVibesBrown Orgone EMF Protection Shield by OrgoneVibes
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Brown Diamond Orgone Shield by OrgoneVibesBrown Diamond Orgone EMF Shield by OrgoneVibes
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Black Pear Orgone Shield by OrgoneVibesBlack Pear Orgonite Shield for Cellphones by OrgoneVibes
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Red Orgone EMF Shield by OrgoneVibesRed Orgone EMF Shield with Gold and Silver by OrgoneVibes
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Shop Luxury Orgonite EMF/5G Protection Shields for Cell Phones & Tablets

Ideal for cell phones, tablets, laptops, computers, WiFi routers, and other electronics. Our shields are sleek, elegant, and lightweight, making them perfect for everyday heavy use. Our orgone EMF protection shields are handmade of the orgonite material—a mixture of metals and quartz crystals suspended in resin. In the early 1930s, dr. Wilhelm Reich proved that the mystical Universal Life Energy does exist. And he discovered that life-force energy could be positive and negative. He also found that the EMFs and artificial electromagnetic radiation disrupt the positive energy and change it into subtle negative energy.

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How does orgonite EMF protection work?

Our energetic bodies are constantly affected by electromagnetic waves. According to multiple research studies, this invisible and inaudible radiation poses severe negative characteristics to our health. Orgonite EMF Protection shields absorb and neutralize the underlying negative orgone energy that comes with any EMF, ELF, and RF radiation. They do it without interfering with the function of the electronic equipment. Like all orgone energy generators, these phone stickers boost the effects of other crystals near them. Orgone EMF accessories effectively change your phone from a source of negative orgone to a positive orgone energy generator! These shields work continuously without charging. Shop our high-quality orgone energy electromagnetic protection accessories for phones and electronics today.

What sets our orgonite crystals apart?

We handcraft our orgonite using original and authentic Don Croft recipe. Where we mix equal parts of resin and metals. Our shields for phones, tablets, laptops, and other electronics skillfully combine simple and classic designs with beautiful details. Whether you’re using an iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Google Pixel, or any other smartphone, explore several different styles to match the look and color of your equipment. Make a fashion statement and at the same time mitigate the harmful effects of artificial electromagnetic radiation. Our shields make perfect gifts for any occasion. Stick them on your phone proudly and bring positive energy vibes with you! We use the very best materials to bring our shields to life. Our signature blend combines the qualities of the Herkimer Diamond, silver, and gold. All of them have some pretty astounding protection qualities. To bind metals and crystals, we use high-gloss resin. It brings our artwork to life. And it gives our shields that gorgeous shiny look and solid feel.

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