Blue Oval Orgone EMF Shield for Phone & Tablet

Blue oval Orgone EMF protection shield for cellphone or tablet. This Orgone sticker is handcrafted of resin, copper leafs, and quartz crystals. It comes with a double-sided sticky tape and is perfect for everyday heavy use.

Size: approx. 2 × 1.18 × 0.15 inches (5 × 3 × 0.5 cm)

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This Orgone EMF shield is handmade of a magical mix of resin, metals, and quartz crystal. This material is often called the Orgonite or the Orgone matrix. We handcrafted this Orgone energy EMF protection oval disc according to the traditional and the most effective, fifty-fifty metals to resin ratio recipe. Its unique functionality is based on the workings of the Universal Life Energy. In the early 1930s, Dr. Wilhelm Reich measured and accumulated this mystical life energy proving that it is not a hypothetical or metaphorical force. He later called it the Orgone energy. Throughout the history, all cultures and civilizations recognized the presence of this ubiquitous energy and its positive influence on all living things. In China, it’s called Chi, in Japan – Ki, in India – Prana, Hawaiians call it Mana, in ancient Greece it was called Ether.


This Orgone EMF shield generates Orgone energy that promotes physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. It also protects against man-made electromagnetic pollution and other negative energies. The shield absorbs negative energies and transmutes them inside its crystalline matrix into positive energies. Resin and metals draw-in the energies from its surroundings, and the quartz crystal transforms low vibration energy into high vibration energy. Once the unbalanced energies are transformed they are radiated out.


Among the many benefits of orgonites their protective qualities are what makes them so attractive. Orgonites protects from the ambient electro-smog (EMFs, ELFs, RFs) from cell phones, computers, tablets, WiFi, TVs, high voltage lines, radio towers, GSM and 5G towers, and other electrical devices. What’s important is that the Orgone energy generators don’t change the electromagnetic radiation. But instead, they transform the underlying negative Orgone energy that comes with the majority of man-made technologies.


Orgone generators promote mental, emotional and spiritual wellness. They stabilize, energize and strengthen the bio-energy field (aura). Because the subtle energies activate all human functions, including emotions and thoughts. The unbalanced energies can cause our emotions to become agitated and distressed. And balanced energies make our emotions to become smooth and more satisfying. Orgonites radiate energies that can help to release negative emotions such as stress, anger or anxiety. These positive energies can also help to bring peace, joy, vitality and more balanced and joyful moods. Many people report that orgonites help in better, sounder sleep and seem to attribute to more vivid dreams.


Orgonites blend in the power of the universal life energy and the healing properties of the quartz crystal and other healing gemstones. In larger sizes, they can serve as powerful energy tools to assist in energy-based Healing Arts like Reiki, Pranic Healing, Charka Healing etc. In skilled hands, they can also assist in the removal of body’s energy blockages and help to balance the chakras. If you work with crystals you can use these Orgone energy generators as tools for recharging and cleansing your healing stones and minerals.