Orgone Energy Pendant – Unique – Many Gemstones

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Very feminine orgone pendant with a unique finish. Upon its creation, we decided to add give it a bit more sweetness and we sprinkled it with some golden brass leaf. The pendant is made of brass leaf, selenite, aragonite, garnet, rose and smoky quartz. It comes with a yellow adjustable leather cord.

Lenght: 15 inches
Pendant size: 1.5 x 0.55 inch

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To do this orgone pendant justice, we used the finest materials and a lengthy handcrafting process. The making process took several days. We used a premium non-toxic, crystal clear, and odorless epoxy resin. This is a professional yet a demanding product with a hardening time of a whopping 48 hours. After the de-molding, the surface irregularities were sanded down and polished by hand. The pendant is made according to the traditional and the most effective fifty-fifty metals-to-resin ratio principle.


The functionality of this orgone energy pendant is based on the discoveries of dr. Wilhelm Reich, who in the early 1930s, experimented with the mystical life force energy. By measuring and accumulating it, he proved that this ubiquitous energy is not a hypothetical or metaphorical force. He later called it the orgone energy. What’s interesting is that the orgone comes from the term orgasm 😉 Throughout the history, all cultures and civilizations recognized its presence and its positive influence on all living things. In China, it’s called Chi, in Japan – Ki, in India – Prana, Hawaiians call it Mana, in ancient Greece it was called Ether.


This pendant is handmade of a mixture of resin, metals, and quartz crystal. The pendant generates positive orgone and transmutes all kinds of negative energies. How does this work? The resin and metals draw-in the energies from the surroundings, and the quartz crystal transforms low vibration energy into high vibration energy. Once the unbalanced energies are transformed they are radiated out.


The electromagnetic radiation protection property is what makes orgone so attractive. The pendant protects against the ambient man-made electromagnetic pollution (EMFs, ELFs, RFs). It doesn’t block these unhealthy frequencies but instead, it transforms the underlying negative orgone energy, which Wilhelm Reich called the Deadly Orgone Radiation, into positive, healthy, life-nourishing and balanced orgone energy. The pendant blends in the metaphysical and healing powers of crystals and the power of positive orgone. It has a stabilizing, energizing and strengthening effects on the bio-energy field (aura). Wear it daily to bring peace, joy, vitality, and more balanced and joyful moods.