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Creatives at heart, we believe the future is bright and colorful. This is and has been the very foundation of OrgoneVibes in 2012. We make our products with our hands, our heads, and our hearts. And even today, when we enter the workshop we still feel the excitement as if it were our first time.

Our philosophy is about having something designed for a purpose. We are mixing the good old-fashioned gold gliders’ handcraftsmanship with new ideas to bring you functional luxury energy products. We fuse in the powers of natural healing gemstones with noble metals. Our creations are designed to cleanse and purify the negative ambient energy and transmute them into positive and vibrant orgone energy.

We use the highest quality luxurious materials. We’ve spent the last 8 years tracking down the best suppliers and materials to ensure we do justice to our designs. So we use jewelry-quality grade Herkimer Diamonds from Herkimer County, New York, USA. Herkimers are small, beautiful, quite rare, and are thought to be the most powerful of all the quartz crystals. Our gold and silver come from Giusto Manetti Battiloro in Florence, Italy–the oldest manufacturer of gold leaves in the world with 15 generations of history. And lastly, the high-gloss, non-toxic epoxy resin that brings our artwork to life.

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