OrgoneVibes is a conscious lifestyle brand that covers everything from orgone energy tools of healing, protection, and empowerment. Our goods fuse-in the powers of natural healing gemstones and the universal life energy. Each piece is crafted by hand over a period of several days. We use premium crystals, exotic metals, and non-toxic epoxy resin to create the finest orgonite material.

Details - Orgone Energy Goods by OrgoneVibes

We handcraft our orgonite according to proven and powerful fifty-fifty metal-to-resin ratio recipes. Our creations can accompany you during your life’s journey and provide you with a daily boost of positive energy, assistance in meditation and self-growth practices, energy-based healing arts like crystal healing and Reiki, and electromagnetic pollution protection.

Custom Orgone Energy Generators by OrgoneVibes

Our philosophy is about having something designed for a purpose. We believe that the healthy flow of positive energy enables us to reach our highest potential. That’s why our tools are designed to cleanse and purify the ambient negative energy and help to infuse the mind, body, and soul with positive and life-beneficial orgone.

If you have questions or would like to connect and start some exciting new project with us, don’t hesitate and contact us.