OrgoneVibes Orgone energy generators fuse in the powers of natural healing gemstones with the essence of the life-force energy. Our adventure with orgonites started in 2012. Over the years we evolved and so did our Orgone Goods. In the beginnings, we experimented a lot… we tried many kinds of metals, resins, molds, etc. Our finished creations were and are still to this day examined by a reputable psychic, who’s been blessed with the ability to perceive the energy realms. We know that behind the looks there’s some real Orgone energy magic going onΒ πŸ™‚Β We’re always looking for the right balance between minimal, and sophisticated, and foremost functional. We hope that our handmade creations can assist you on your life journey, through giving you a daily boost of positive energy and protection against EMFs and negative energies.