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Light Blue Orgone Diamond Charm by OrgoneVibesLight Blue Orgone Crystal Charm by OrgoneVibes
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Violet Orgone Diamond Charm by OrgoneVibesViolet Orgone Charm by OrgoneVibes
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Red Diamond Orgone Energy Charm by OrgoneVibes
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Brown Diamond Orgone Energy Charm by OrgoneVibes
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Shop Luxury Orgonite Keyring Charms for Energy Healing & EMF/5G Protection

Ideal for mixing and matching our jewelry and attaching it to your key ring or chain. Our charms serve much more than just fashion accessories. They produce positive energy and protect against negative energies. They all feature high-vibrational Herkimer Diamond quartz crystals, gold, and silver with their potent healing powers. Orgone charms fuse the qualities of protection, healing, and energy charms. We handcraft them of the orgonite material—a blend of metals and crystals suspended in resin. Orgonite produces positive orgone energy—a bio-energy also known as Life-force, Prana, and Chi. It also protects against negative energies like EMFs and parasitic psychic forces. It works by transforming them into balanced and high-vibrational energy. These unique charms can adorn your keyrings, purses, and backpacks. You can also attach them to your favorite necklaces and bracelets. Wear them proudly and protect yourself from parasitic psychic forces and EMF radiation. And to infuse your body with positive healing energy.

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What sets our orgonite keyring charms apart?

We handcraft our orgonite using original and authentic Don Croft recipe. Where we mix equal parts of resin and metals. We take the orgonite creation to another level, using only the high-vibrational and spiritually beneficial most luxurious materials. We handcraft our charms of gold, silver, Herkimer Diamond quartz crystals, and super-premium resin. The Herkimer Diamonds are petite and exquisite gems. These are exceptional amplifiers of spiritual energy. They are excellent for healing, meditation, clearing, and EMF protection. They are excellent at activating the crown and third eye chakras. We include both gold and silver because of their fantastic metaphysical qualities. Gold promotes vitality and helps attract happiness. And it activates the third eye and crown chakras. And silver is excellent for awakening and enhancing intuitive and psychic capabilities. Finally, to bind the materials together, we use high-quality resin. We love this resin as it gives our jewelry that gorgeous high-gloss look and solid feel.

Orgonite Keyrings Benefits

With orgone charms, you can support your energy needs—all that while wearing a simple yet attractive accessory. And at the same time, you can clear away negative vibes. Here are the most popular benefits of orgone charms:

  • provide daily energy boost of positive energy,
  • help to mitigate the adverse effects of EMF radiation,
  • bring in more balanced and joyful moods,
  • help to release negative emotions,
  • can assist in meditation and healing,
  • enable to enjoy sounder sleep and more vivid dreams,
  • help to maintain emotional and spiritual wellness.

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